Hollow Generator

Hollow Generator™

Patent No. US 7,843,099 B2

For installations where flows are regulated, the Hollow Hydroelectric Generator™ provides a more efficient and compact means for generating electricity than do other designs. The Hollow Hydroelectric Generator™ itself is an extension of the previously introduced Hollow Turbine,™ and is suitable to replace the existing turbine / rotors in conventional hydroelectric power plants, as well as pumped-storage hydroelectric plants, off-shore hydroelectric power plants, low head dams and reservoirs, and water pipeline applications.

The compact design of the Hollow Hydroelectric Generator™ allows for at least two turbine / generators to be installed in the same amount of space as is currently consumed by one traditional turbine / generator. The use of lightweight materials will enable the turbine / generators to rotate at a rate higher than that previously achieved with traditional designs. Higher efficiencies are achieved by incorporating intake and exhaust pipes that prevent flow from interfering with the rotor during operation. The addition of buoyancy belts™ and reservoirs further increases the efficiency of the generator. More generators operating at higher rotations per minute will enable power plants to significantly increase the amount of electricity generated.