Self-Winding Generator

Self-Winding Generator™

Patent No. US 7,127,886 B2

An energy storage spring, similar in nature to a self-winding watch's mainspring and fabricated from spring steel, stores the rotational energy captured and transferred from the facility's turbines. A gear box / transmission will discharge the stored energy at a constant rate (Hz) thus compensating for inconstant water flows and providing a means of storage.

The Self-Winding Generator™ was originally designed for off-shore hydroelectric power plants and is the basis for uninterruptible solar thermal power plants and the patent Electric Power Storage Power Plant.

The spring steel, used to fabricate the energy storage spring, is available in the form of leaf springs and found in junkyards around the world. Once the spring wears out the spring steel can be reused to create a new spring. This results in the most cost effective means of electric power storage and also qualifies as the means with the lowest carbon footprint.