Off-Shore Hydro Power

Off-shore Hydroelectric Power Plant

This is an illustration of a submerged hydroelectric power plant, designed for tidal applications, incorporating a Hollow Turbine™ with flow enhanced by attached Directional Funnels.™ Rotational energy storage springs, not shown, provide continuous rotational energy at a constant rate, as required for most applications and for connecting to the electric power grid. Rotational energy is transferred to the rotors by gears, that in turn, induce alternating current in the adjacent stators. The Hollow Turbine™ and gears may be substituted with a Hollow Hydroelectric Generator,™ with an embedded energy storage spring, allowing room for desalination and / or electrolysis equipment for the production of water and / or hydrogen.

Carpinteria, CA

Off-shore Oil Platforms

Carpinteria, CA

Oil-free Beach