Hydrogen Generation and Utilization

Hydrogen Generator

The Other Hydrogen Economy™ is an expression that describes a collection of apparatus and processes that extract energy and distilled water from the ocean. A portion of that energy is utilized to generate hydrogen and life supporting oxygen. The hydrogen is later combined with atmospheric oxygen to produce electricity and potable water. A hydrogen pipeline network will allow communities to be created in places previously deemed unsuitable due to their lack of resources.

Hydroelectric Power

According to Wikipedia, hydropower is the second-largest producer of renewable electricity in the country, generating around 7.3% of the nation's total electricity in 2020 as well as 36.4% of the total renewable electricity generation.

The Hollow Turbine™ is an efficient, award winning turbine design suitable for typical hydropower and micropower installations, as well as offshore  installations.

One design incorporates a unique, patented buoyancy means that further enhances the turbine’s efficiency. This model resulted in a high efficiency hydroelectric generator, suitable for low head, ultra low head, and pipeline applications.

The innovations incorporated into the Hollow Turbine™ and Hollow Generator™ also increase the efficiency of axial flow pumps

Energy Storage

In order to effectively use intermittent renewable energy sources, there is a need for an efficient storage method that will provide base load power. Energy storage technologies also can be utilized by conventional power providers to store power during off-peak times, and sell this power at times of peak demand.

For grid storage, as well as for everywhere else, the Electric Power Storage Power Plant can serve as either a baseline or as a peaker power plant, absent all of the negative externalities of batteries.

The patented Self-Winding Generator,™ developed originally as a competent means for storing hydroelectric turbine rotational energy, also provides a unique method of storing solar thermal energy.