Electric Power Storage Power Plant

Grid Storage

U.S. Patent No. 8,614,519 B2

This means of energy storage captures excess electric power from renewable sources, or from the grid, with an electric motor / generator and stores that energy with a mechanically connected energy storage spring. When the stored electric power is required, energy is released from the energy storage spring and transferred back to the same mechanically connected electric motor / generator that connects back to the grid or to another consumer.

Advantages over Batteries

  • Springs / coils, fabricated from spring steel, are affordable and completely recyclable.
  • Spent batteries must be disposed of properly and new batteries require additional resources.
  • Energy storage springs never leak their contents.

Advantages over Pumped Hydro Power

  • Energy storage springs are deployable everywhere.
  • They don't require water.
  • Energy storage springs also scale more easily to meet demand.

Advantages over Rotation

  • Energy storage springs don't require energy to levitate / maintain its means of energy storage.
  • Reduces, or eliminates entirely, the need for rotational storage at power plants.
  • Traditional power plants can store excess power, rather than shutting down.